Who We Are

We are a recognized charitable non-profit and non-governmental organization.

Bridging cultures by using the global language of the arts for cooperation and development, at home and abroad – that’s our motto.

FREEARTUS emerged from spontaneous neighborly volunteer work at the Elisabethhaus temporary refugee emergency shelter on Große Hamburger Strasse in Berlin Mitte. Soon after, the volunteers collaborated to organize FREEDOMUS, which provides aid for refugees in Berlin Mitte. Among these volunteers were dozens of artists, designers, journalists, cultural managers, gallery owners, and artistic and theater managers who all came together to offer the newcomers activities.

More and more newcomers quickly began participating in the organized projects and programs. In the first six months, we organized about 30 concerts and initiated three exhibitions, including WE REFUGEES from Nora Al Badri, who was invited to the Millerntor Gallery in Hamburg by Viva con Agua.

We traveled to the countries of the refugees, and it soon became clear to us that a simple “help-mode” mindsent would not be enough to counter the immense work that needed to be done. Professional organization is needed to meet the needs of this century’s migration. In addition, the form of a non-profit company is very suitable to deal with newcomers or to be an effective partner in crisis regions – these two traits help define FREEARTUS.

Bridging cultures by using the global language of the arts for cooperation and development – this approach characterizes not only FREEARTUS as an organization, but all of our projects and endeavors.

FREEARTUS is not a service organization — we’re a cooperative. This century’s phenomenon of migration is not going to be sorted out with selective help or give and take, rather by working together. Through digital media, many millions of people around the world are demanding their right to prosperity and freedom.

It is therefore necessary to create and try new models of cooperation. For this reason, FREEARTUS establishes its primary means of project development and refugee integration through its united focus on freedom of art, education, and culture.

In other words, we are engaged in Germany in integration projects that help make the newcomers’ start in European society easier, and which make it possible for the European citizens to realize the enrichment of cultural growth for themselves and their societies.

We strive together with partner organizations abroad to improve living conditions in Lebanon – specifically in the Bekaa Valley and in the countless refugee camps on the Syrian border – and in Egypt to stabilize everyday lives and social relations, in order to support local levels of society on the difficult path towards a democratic future. With all of this, we believe in the power of humanity and the arts.

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