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We live in an age of unprecedented change. Change and destruction.

For many across the globe – people, cities, cultures – this ever-present process manifests itself in fear and prejudice, war and inhumanity.
FREEARTUS is committed to addressing this change head-on.

Learning from each other by knowing each other. That is what FREEARTUS stands for.

Bridging cultures, connecting people with its initiatives and projects, FREEARTUS proves the power of art, knowledge and empathy.

And FREEARTUS can add: breaking prejudices by breaking bread — with its award wining cultural forum and oriental restaurant in Berlin Mitte.

For FREEARTUS, Managing Director Bachar Hassoun was able to accept the German Commitment Award in the category Overcoming Borders in 2020. This award encourages us even more to keep thinking about our topics of migration, integration and international understanding in an unbiased way and to try out new approaches.

Artists and refugees united for freedom

FREEARTUS is not a service organization — we’re a cooperative. This century’s phenomenon of migration is not going to be sorted out with selective help or give and take, rather by working together. Through digital media, many millions of people around the world are demanding their right to prosperity and freedom.

It is therefore necessary to create and try new models of cooperation. For this reason, FREEARTUS establishes its primary means of project development and refugee integration through its united focus on freedom of art, education, and culture.

We strive together with partner organizations abroad to improve living conditions in Lebanon – specifically in the Bekaa Valley and in the countless refugee camps on the Syrian border – and in Egypt to stabilize everyday lives and social relations, in order to support local levels of society on the difficult path towards a democratic future. With all of this, we believe in the power of humanity and the arts.

LAWRENCE Berlin Mitte - Arabic Restaurant & Catering

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