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How can I get involved?

There are many ways to support people who want to escape hardship, violence, cruelty and build a better, self-determined life in freedom.
So a great help can lie in a personal moment, a voluntary activity, in establishing contacts, in a hint at the right situation, an idea, a good plan. FREEARTUS is always open to suggestions, takes them up immediately or sometimes later.

Because of its minimal (cost) apparatus, FREEARTUS can guarantee that financial grants – donation receipts can be issued – are used effectively and productively. The Berliner Volksbank keeps the accounts for the non-profit FREEARTUS GmbH:

IBAN DE28 1009 0000 2697 3440 07

If you want to continuously foster the work and development of FREEARTUS, you are very welcome to join the Supporter’s Strat Circle.

Supporter’s Strat Circle

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