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The Al Farah Choir – juqa al farah – the Choir of Joy enjoys cult status in Syria – it is an icon. At the always – immediately – sold out concerts there is cheering that is normally only heard for absolute popstars. 630 amateur singers sing at the highest level and fearlessly against all adversities and horrors in their beautiful homeland – and have been for over 40 years.

Founder Abouna Zahlawi, also called Father Elias, is, like his choir, an authority in Syrian social life. The Catholic Father rejected all higher church offices, he always wanted to be a pastor for all Syrians. He succeeded in that. He is one of the country’s celebrities, is known in the media, and travels tirelessly to promote his message of a respectful coexistence of peoples and religions.

The Al Farah Choir has travelled to France, Norway and Canada for guest performances. So it is high time that Germany got to know the Al Farah feeling personally – in concerts together with European musicians as part of a special programme for the German audience. The singers will live with German host families – learn about life here and report what it was like for them in Syria during the war and how it is now.

Al Farah in Germany – this is the sound of modern international understanding, a real FREEARTUS project – inspired by fans of the choir!

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