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Our Mission

All people are born free and have the right to move freely—both physically and in one’s mind. No one should be able to restrict these freedoms and rights. Everyone has the right to seek happiness and a life in freedom as long as these rights do not infringe on the rights and freedoms of others without their consent. The categorical imperative applies here: act only in a manner in which you would wish everyone to act.

People can stand up for themselves—for themselves or for a group to which they want to belong. In this way, the mission that guides all our projects is to honor, protect or defend human dignity empathetically.

Our Vision

We are deeply convinced that diverse and free societies – marked by ethnic, cultural and sexual diversity – are best suited to shape life (i.e. through the freedom of thought, feeling, and action) and to reflect the complete change of the human condition in the dawning digital age.

We are confidently facing up to the challenges of the age. It is not only necessary to master the phenomena  of flight and migration, where social developments are stagnating, or climate change and other economic processes, such as pursuing a rigorously fairer distribution of wealth and freedoms. We must also develop new models of coexistence and participation, questioning forms of government, and, if necessary, formulating and testing more contemporary proposals.

Art has a special role as both a communicator and a catalyst. Artistic expression shows everything as possible and represents an important component of the human condition. In this sense, we use and support art in order to better understand people and individuals.

In this artistic and human view, we regard all areas of life as malleable and designable. This is true everywhere. So without isolating ourselves, we focus in particular on Europe and the Middle East.

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